5 Top Cold Brew Coffee Cafes in Singapore (2019)

5 Places to get the best Cold Brew Coffee in Singapore

Cold Brew coffee has recently become a new trending drink among coffee lovers. Cold brew is made from steeping coffee beans in cold water for 12 to 24 hours resulting in an intense flavour and much less acidity. If you are travelling to Singapore or live in this beautiful island country, here is a compilation of some of the best places to try out these next-generation cold brew coffees in Singapore – 

Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee is one the first initial cafes to offer cold brew coffee in bottles. Black cold brew costs $6 while the White cold brew costs $6.50. They offer other interesting flavours like Mocha, Dark Cocoa and Matcha. The Cold brew at this café comes in unique beer bottles that are fun. 

Location – 88 Rangoon Rd #01-03 Singapore 218374 (Farrer Park MRT, Exit B)

Tel: +65 63415458

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri, closed on Tuesdays), 10am – 6.30pm (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun)

Website | Facebook

Dapper Coffee

Dapper Café is a hidden gem along Amoy Street in a showhouse. They are famous for the special Signature Sparking Drinks. A speciality they offer is Gold Brew at $10 per bottle which is a blend of Brazil and Sumatra beans topped with edible sparkles.  Their coffee is made from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans and is still strong yet light with the perfect amount of acidity.

Location – 73A Amoy Street, Second Floor, Singapore 069892 (Telok Ayer MRT Exit A, Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)

Tel: +65 8742 8908

Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun, PH

Website | Facebook

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Oriole Coffee + Bar, located right outside 313@Somerset is an awesome place to get your cold brew coffee fix. They serve in house cold brew in Taisho White ($7) and Taisho Black ($6) named after a popular era in Japan when iced coffee became popular. Another must try drink is Death Cream($8) that comes in a small bottle made from vanilla beans, espresso and cream. 

Location – 96 Somerset Road, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard,#01-01, Singapore 238163 | Tel: 6238 8348

Website | Facebook

Habitat Coffee

This wonderful café on Upper Thomson Road takes inspiration from Melbourne Cafes. They offer white and black blended varieties and the cold brew comes in interesting bottles. Green Tea Cold Matcha Coffee ($7) is a new addition to their menu worth checking out.

Location – 223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574355 | Tel: 6456 2567 | Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 10:30pm, Saturday – Sunday: 10:30am – 10:30pm (Closed on Monday)

Website | Facebook

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

The Dutch Colony Coffee Co. serves cold brew is both sweetened and unsweetened states. They also offer a carbonated version of cold brew with a frizzy twist. The carbonated version happens to be a speciality that is brewed with single-origin Finca Santa Teresa coffee beans sourced from Panama.

Location – PasarBella @ The Grandstand, #02-K67/K68, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994 | Tel: 65 64670255 OR 113 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458230 | Tel : 65 64485852

Website | Facebook

Could Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight

You have probably heard of Keto Coffee, a new version of bulletproof coffee. Those who like Keto Coffee, claim that it helped them to lose weight. That can be true, but it’s not as simple as it seems…

What is Keto Coffee?

Keto Coffee is coffee rich in fat and protein, it is actually coffee with added fat. Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet and that doesn’t apply to food only. You can apply those rules to your coffee, too. Instead of adding milk or regular cream to your coffee, you should use high-fat keto “creamers” such as butter or MCT oil.

How does Keto diet work?

The main characteristic of the Keto diet is that it helps your body reach ketosis faster. If you are now wondering what does ketosis mean, it is the metabolic state in which the body starts burning its own fat to produce energy.

This diet, high in fat but low in carb, forces your body to burn fat instead of glucose in order to produce energy. And the more fat you burn, the more weight you will lose.

What does Keto Coffee do?

Keto Coffee is based on the same principle as other Keto food. It is filled with fat and its purpose is to help your body hit ketosis as quickly as possible.

There are various benefits of putting MCT oil in your coffee: it enters the bloodstream directly because it doesn’t need to be processed by the liver. So the body will immediately make ketones from it and then use them to produce energy. Also, it helps you feel full throughout the day and reduces your food cravings.

Is Keto Coffee for everyone?

Although it sounds like a perfect solution for anyone who has weight problems, Keto Coffee isn’t for everyone!
Unfortunately, if you are overweight and don’t follow the Keto diet but want to try just Keto Coffee, it can do you more harm than good! Keto Coffee alone probably won’t help you reach ketosis faster. You have to combine it with a Keto diet.

The bad news is that if you introduce Keto Coffee to your diet without any other change in your diet and exercise routine, you might end up gaining weight instead of losing it. As we already stated, Keto Coffee is high in fat and that means that it has a lot more calories than a regular cup of coffee.

Health KETO Tips For Everyday

Keep in mind that Keto Coffee has almost the same number of calories as some meals. The goal is to replace one of your meals/snacks with Keto Coffee, not to drink it alongside your meal.

The best time to drink Keto Coffee is morning because then you will get to enjoy its effects the whole day!
Please don’t exaggerate with this type of coffee. Keep in mind that Keto Coffee isn’t ordinary coffee, it has a lot of calories, and you should drink only one cup of it per day!

Keto Coffee can help you but you have to follow the rules we mentioned above!


Decaf Coffee, Good or Bad?

Coffee is the everyday drink of many people around the world perhaps it can raise lots of questions about if it’s good or not drink coffee.

Many people think that decaf coffee is better than regular coffee but some don’t believe in it.

Is decaf coffee caffeine-free?

Short answer, no. Simply put decaf coffee is coffee which coffee beams had most of their caffeine removed.
How much? Around at least 97%.

So it does have caffeine, but very few. How few can vary from the brand, it can be around 0 to 15 mg per cup.

How is Decaf Coffee made?

Decaf coffee is mostly made by removing the caffeine in the coffee beans before toasting them. The process of removing the caffeine from the coffee beans usually soak the untoasted coffee beans on water but water alone is not enough cause it also removes some compounds like some proteins of the coffee together with the caffeine

To complete the process other chemicals are added to the water such as activated charcoal, methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, and others. Using these substances accelerate the process which reduces the loss of non-caffeine compounds

What are the disadvantages of decaf coffee?

One of the things that most concern people about decaf coffee is the fact that manufacturers use methylene chloride.
This substance is —–toxic—– and inhaling this substance can slow down the central nervous system temporarily and may lead to some other problems like headaches, irritability, and others.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the use of methylene chloride as long as the final product contains a maximum of 10 ppm (parts per million) of the substance.

And its benefits?

There are many benefits linked to drink coffee like reduce the risk of prostate cancer, skin cancer, leukaemia, and many others.
The only problem though is that most of the studies done around this topic usually look up to regular coffee and very few studies focus on decaf coffee.

Perhaps some studies suggest that drinking two to four cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular cancer
The surest benefit of drinking decaf coffee is that it is a great option for people that want to avoid a high level of caffeine intake.
A regular cup of coffee contains around 70 to 140 mg of caffeine against 0 to 15 mg of caffeine in decaf coffee.

In conclusion.

The lack of researches done focused on decaf coffee makes it harder to determine if its, in fact, good or bad. This left us with only speculations around the topic.

Many research linked the consumption of coffee to lower risks of developing multiple types of cancer as well as many other diseases.

The only problem is that those results may change due to the lack of caffeine and also the decaffeination process.
For now, the only thing that we can be sure about decaf coffee is that it contains less caffeine than regular coffee.
This is a very important point for children, teenagers, pregnant women, and people who can’t take a lot of caffeine.

Main Sources:https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/decaf-coffee-good-or-bad#section7

Heavy Cream vs Half-and-Half vs Coffee Creamer

How adding Heavy cream or half and half can improve your hot black cup of coffee

Adding cream to your coffee can make your coffee flavorful. You can find many different types of creamer that are available on the market. It means that you have to compare all available products before you get the best cream for yourself.

Heavy cream, coffee creamer, and Half-and-Half are the most popular options that you can find easily. Each cream has its own nutrient profile and taste. You can take a look at all differences from this half-and-half, heavy cream, and also coffee creamer. You can compare these types of creamer easily.

1. Heavy Cream

This is a famous product that you can find on the market easily. It is also commonly called as heavy whipping cream. It has a thick characteristic. This high-fat cream is usually derived from fresh milk. Most food manufacturers are going to use high tech separator device, in order to accelerate the separation process of the cream and milk.

The cream is usually graded according to the fat content. Many countries have their own specific standards for their heavy cream. The cream is the main ingredient that can be found in heavy cream. However, there are some other ingredients that you can find in this product, including gellan gum as a thickener. This thickener can be used to improve its consistency.

Heavy cream usually has a rich and thick flavour. It is suitable for you who are looking for the best cream with rich taste. However, it doesn’t have a sweet taste because there is no sugar added to this heavy cream. This heavy cream contains a high amount of fat and calories.

2. Half-and-half

This is another dairy product that is popular among many customers these days. Many people want to combine this product and their favourite coffee. This product has a lighter taste and mouthfeel than any other types of cream. Therefore, this half-and-half cream can be used in any recipes.

Half-and-half contains milk and cream as its main ingredients. Both milk and cream can offer the main flavour and taste for this half-and-half cream. There are some other additional ingredients that are added to this product, for example, carrageenan. This additive can be used to enhance the overall texture of the final half-and-half product.

Half-and-half usually has similar taste as the regular milk. If you love drinking milk, you should consider trying this product. It is creamier and more flavorful than the other regular milk. You can use this half-and-half for improving the overall taste of your coffee.

3. Coffee Creamer

If you want to drink coffee with the best creamer, you can consider using this product. Coffee creamer is usually a dairy-free product. Different coffee creamers are usually composed of different ingredients. Most of them usually have sugar, water, and also vegetable oil inside.

Coffee creamer is heavily processed and also added with a lot of sugar. Many doctors recommend their patients to limit their coffee creamer intake, especially when the patients have some medical conditions. Coffee creamer also has some additional additives for boosting the texture and taste of this product, for example, cellulose gum, carrageenan, and also artificial flavourings.

Coffee creamer contains a high amount of sugar, so you can get a sweet taste from this creamer. Some products also have additional flavours for this coffee creamer, for example, pumpkin spice, French vanilla, and also butter pecan.

Source: 1

Should You Drink Coffee with Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil becomes very popular among many people these days. This ingredient is commonly used in high fat and low carb ketogenic diet. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are useful for your body. These MCTs are rapidly and easily absorbed by your liver.

When you add this coconut oil to your coffee, coconut oil can help you reach the ketosis state. It is a metabolic state when your body uses ketones as fuel. Maintaining ketosis state on your ketogenic diet is proven to be very effective to provide health benefits for you.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Your Coffee

1. Speed up your metabolism

It is one of the most popular health benefits of coconut oil for a fast metabolism diet. You can add coconut oil to your coffee, especially when you want to speed up your body metabolism. All MCTs inside the coconut oil plays an important role in increasing the total calorie you burn every day using anaerobic metabolism.

2. Improve your energy level

When you are planning to have efficient exercises every day, you should consider adding the coconut oil to your coffee. Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine that can help you feel energized during your workouts. The coconut oil will be absorbed well into your liver, in order to produce enough energy for your body.

3. Maintain your bowel health

This is another reason why you may want to add coconut oil to your coffee. The combination of some ingredients from coffee and coconut oil is very useful for your bowel health.

Coconut oil MCTs and some coffee compounds, such as chlorogenic acids and caffeine, can be used to stimulate your bowels effectively. As a result, you will be able to have a healthy digestive system by adding coconut oil to your coffee.

4. Improve good cholesterol level in your body

It is highly recommended for you to have enough good cholesterol level inside your body. Good cholesterol (HDL) can act as a good protector for your heart. This substance is protective against heart disease. In order to maintain a good cholesterol level, you can add coconut oil to coffee.

Coconut oil contains a high amount of MCTs that can work well in the blood vessels. It can also stimulate your digestive system to produce good cholesterol inside your body.

Drawbacks of Adding Coconut Oil to Your Coffee

Although coconut oil can offer a lot of health benefits for all users, you also need to be careful with some drawbacks from this ingredient. Coconut oil contains a high amount of calories that can affect your weight loss program. You have to calculate the total amount of calories that you are going to consume from your diet.

If you have some medical conditions, such as pancreatitis or gallbladder issues, you need to limit the fat intake in your daily life. You need to meet your doctor before you start consuming coconut oil with coffee, especially when you have certain medical conditions.

Generally speaking, you can add up to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your coffee, in order to get all health benefits from this ingredient. You can blend this oil with your coffee in a blender, so you can make delicious tropical style beverage with unique taste and flavour.

Source: 1

Can Coffee Machines Make Hot Chocolate?


Every product we buy was designed and tested for a very specific purpose. Following the instructions that come with the product will guarantee its efficient operation. When people make experiments with those products, they could break them and the guarantee might not apply. In the worst scenario, they could end up throwing them away and buying new ones.
Avoid Experiments

There are people that get very creative and start doing all sorts of funny experiments with their coffee machines. They use the pitcher to boil food, they put a small pan on the hot surface beneath the pitcher to cook food, they put aluminium foil on that surface to make pancakes, etc.

It is important to know you can use your coffee machine to cook food during an emergency (like when you have no gas) with the real risk of starting a fire in your house. However, stoves were designed to cook food and they are so much more comfortable than coffee machines.

I knew a case where someone made hot tea in a coffee maker by using tea bags instead of coffee powder. The tea tasted great, but the coffee maker clogged so badly that it had to be thrown away. That is why I insist: use everything in the way it was meant to be used. Coffee machines are meant to make only coffee.

Coffee Maker

Some people might say that you can add chocolate powder to the coffee maker where the coffee powder goes, pour water and turn it on. However, there is a risk of clogging the coffee maker. Also, you must never pour milk instead of water. When the milk boils, some of its components harden and that will definitely mess up the coffee maker.

There are safer ways to make chocolate with a coffee maker without clogging it. In few words, make the chocolate in a separate place (away from the coffee maker), put it in the pitcher and use the coffee maker only to heat up the pitcher with chocolate. The advantage here is that the chocolate can be made with milk instead of water.

Another way of making chocolate with a coffee maker is by adding only water and turning it on. Once the pitcher is filled with hot water, manually add chocolate to the pitcher and stir. In this case, the chocolate would be made with water instead of milk. You could add some milk powder to the pitcher and stir if you want.

You can always make normal coffee in the coffee maker and manually add chocolate to the pitcher and stir. A lot of people like that type of drink.

Coffee Vending Machines

A standard coffee vending machine should normally be able to vend hot chocolate with no problems. All you have to do is put the chocolate powder in an empty canister. However, it is important to read what the instructions of the specific vending machine say.

Capsule Coffee Machine

In the beginning, capsule coffee machines could only make coffee. After some time they started adding other options, including hot chocolate. If you find capsules for your coffee machine that say they contain chocolate, you may use them without any problems.

These are some brands that have at least one option of hot chocolate: Caffitaly, Keurig, Espresso, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto.
If your capsule coffee machine does not make chocolate, you can make yourself an Espresso in the machine and manually add milk and chocolate powder to the cup and stir. It is a mixture of coffee and chocolate that tastes great.

Automatic Coffee Machines That Can Make Hot Chocolate

If you want to make hot chocolate, these are some brands of automatic coffee machines that officially can make hot chocolate (but they are very rare): Delonghi Prima Donna 6900M and the WMF 1200 S, 1500, 1800, 2000. Since they were designed for this use, it is OK to use them to make hot chocolate (following the instructions).

Hot Chocolate Machines

Some machines make only hot chocolate (no tea or coffee), but they are so expensive and make such enormous quantities of chocolate that they are used in places with a lot of people, like restaurants. These are a hot chocolate fountain and the Bravilor Solo. Maybe someday a company will start making “chocolate makers” for houses.

Mixtures of Coffee and Chocolate

Make a cup of coffee in any type of machine, add chocolate syrup, and stir. If you prefer you can add dutch cocoa powder and sugar to your cup of coffee instead, and stir.


If your coffee machine says in the instructions that you can make hot chocolate in it, you can do that with no problems. However, if a coffee machine does not say that, you will have to add the chocolate to the cup by hand. If you try to use a normal coffee machine to make hot chocolate, sooner or later you might ruin it.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Black Or White Coffee

Coffee-Drinking culture is rapidly spreading across the world. It’s started in Italy and spread to America and the rest of the world. Today, every hotel and restaurant establishment you come across as a coffee shop. Espresso is the most consumed coffee in the world.

In fact, coffee-statistics.com reports that more than 200,000 espresso and espresso-based coffee bars exist in Italy today. Italians consume over 14 billion espresso coffee cups every year. Today, America is the leading coffee consumer globally; with 146 billion espresso-based coffee cups consumed each year.

What does this mean? Any profession or business in the espresso-based coffee world offers the greatest possibilities for success. However, it all starts with excellent espresso making skills. That said: Here’s a rundown on how to make the perfect espresso shot:

1. Have the necessary equipment and accessories

Espresso is the base of any cup of coffee if you’re using a coffee machine to make them. To make an espresso, you need the following: 
• Espresso machine (which comes with a portafilter and grinder)
• microfiber cloth 
• a tamper
• a timer
• espresso cups (2)
• quality coffee beans
Owning AN ESPRESSO MACHINE FOR YOUR HOME KITCHEN is a great idea because it enables you to convenient drink good quality coffee every day. 

Before anything, preheat your espresso machine. It takes between 15 to 30 minutes to heat up an espresso machine. 

2. Grind your coffee beans

Grind your coffee beans to the required texture. The grind texture determines the quality of the espresso. The grind texture should mimic that of granulated sugar. That’s why it’s important to test out the grind texture of your coffee grinder before buying it.

3. Fill the portafilter with ground coffee

This is a very important step because it will determine the quality and taste of your espresso. You don’t want to give someone a cup of espresso that looks beautiful but tastes awful. The recommended amount of ground coffee in a portafilter is between 14 to 18 grams.

First, take the portafilter out of the espresso machine and clean it with a clean microfiber cloth. The portafilter should be dry, with no residual coffee left in it. Then, fill it up with ground coffee and level it off.

4. Tamp the ground coffee with the tamper

Tamper down the ground coffee to achieve a nice and even pack that allows water to travel through it evenly. Clean up the portafilter rim to ensure it forms a tight seal on the espresso machine. 

5. Begin to brew

First, purge the brew head to ensure the water coming through it is nice and fresh. Then, lock the portafilter into the espresso machine’s brew head. Place your preheated espresso cups under the brew head and begin to brew. At this time, you should have a timer on hand to time your shot.

The brewing time should be between 20 and 30 seconds and this should give you one to two ounces of espresso. While extracting the espresso, it should turn from a dark brown to a platinum yellow colour. Stop the shot once the timer reaches 20 or 30 seconds.

The final product in the cup should have a fine platinum yellow coloured layer called crema that rests above a dark yet rich brew. The crema is the flavour centre of the espresso. If your espresso lacks the crema, then you didn’t brew it properly. 

Once you’ve made your espresso, you can fill up the cup with hot water to make an Americano, which is, basically, black coffee. You can also make other kinds of coffee like cappuccino, cafe late, macchiato and mocha by frothing cold milk using the coffee machine wand and adding it to the espresso.

After making your good quality espresso, ensure to clean up for the next shot. Start by discarding the used ground coffee in the portafilter by knocking it out into a dustbin. Clean its handle. Clean the brew head to get rid of any particles or oils that could destroy the next espresso shot. Put the portafilter back to the brew head ready for the next shot.

Does Coffee Affect Your Fitness & Wellness?

Most people usually want to have a healthy and fit body in their daily life. There are some great tips that you can follow, especially if you want to improve your overall fitness and health naturally. You will be able to achieve your ideal fitness level effectively.
One of the best ways of getting a fit body is consuming coffee regularly. Coffee can be a perfect ingredient that you can consume, especially if you want to boost your fitness level. This product can also improve the effectiveness of your workout program.

1. Coffee can boost your metabolism

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine that is good for your metabolism. This stimulant is proven to be very effective in enhancing your metabolic rate. When you have a good metabolic rate, you will be able to burn energy inside your body efficiently.

Coffee can also provide effective fat burning process during an intense workout. It is highly recommended for you to drink coffee before your workout, so you can have enough energy for doing your exercises.

2. Coffee can enhance your athletic performance

Before you start doing your exercises, you can consume coffee for improving your athletic performance. Caffeine inside your coffee can stimulate your body to utilize body fat as your main fuel. This stimulant can improve your endurance level and also reduce your fatigue effectively.

It is a great idea for you to drink coffee at least 30 minutes before you do your exercises. When you drink coffee, you can feel a significant difference in your workout performance.

3. Caffeine can improve your cognitive function

This is another benefit that you should enjoy from coffee. When you drink coffee before you start your exercises, you are going to improve your cognitive function effectively. It is going to affect your nervous system and your brain at the same time.

As a result, you can feel more alert and also react faster during your exercises. Many people experience less anxiety, especially when they drink coffee before doing some strenuous exercises. You will be able to concentrate well during your exercises.

4. Caffeine can reduce muscle pain

If you plan to do exercises regularly for build your muscles, you should consider drinking coffee. Coffee and caffeine are proven to be very effective in reducing any exercise-related muscle pain. You can reduce your fatigue level after you drink coffee.

Caffeine can reduce the sensation of pain, decrease muscle pain, improve energy output, and also create a positive feeling about your exercises. You will feel comfortable when you do some exercises, especially after you drink your favourite coffee.

Generally speaking, coffee is very useful to help you improve your fitness ability and performance. It can help your body function well during your exercises. However, you need to consult with physicians before you start consuming coffee.

You can consult with them for asking about the right amount of coffee that you can drink. Different people may have different tolerance level toward caffeine. It is very important for you to drink coffee at the right amount, so you can improve your fitness level effectively.




Electricity use of a coffee maker

Coffee makers and their real electricity consumption:

A coffee maker does not consume much power. Right? A coffee maker is a fairly powerful home appliance. In the following, you will learn how much money you have to pay for electricity consumption per year.

Example calculation of a usual coffee maker electricity consumption:

Usually, coffee makers use between 750 up to 1200 watts with automatic shut down occurring after two hours.*¹ Let’s say you have to pay the average price people have to pay in the US which is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. *² And further, let’s also assume that you have a simple 1000-watt coffee maker that you use twice a day.

However, sometimes you forget to turn it off and thus your coffee maker runs for about two hours a day. So you have to pay two times $0.12 per kilowatt-hour which is $0.24 per day. Multiplied with seven it’s about $1.65 a week. That would make more than $6.50 a month and over $78 a year.

However, if you use a coffee maker with a capacity of 1600 watts instead of the 1000-watt coffee maker we used earlier as an example calculation, you can even get over $120 of electricity costs for one coffee machine per year. 

On the opposite, there are also lower-power coffee makers that consume less power and for instance, only need 800 watts if used. In this case, you won’t have to pay as much.

Electricity consumption of a coffee machine per year compared to other household appliances:

As we already calculated in the last paragraph, an average 1000-watt coffee maker has about $78 electricity costs a year. Now, let’s compare this coffee maker with another household device: Almost every person has a clothes dryer at home.

With a typical consumption of 4.000 watts per hour by a cost of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, this would almost make 50 cents per hour.

*³ Assuming that you use the clothes dryer three times a week which would make about 12 times a month, you would have to pay $72 a year.

Coffee makers that do not use any electricity: If you still want to save electricity costs on your coffee machine, you can buy a coffee maker without electricity. They are often cheaper to buy and bring a very special coffee experience. Such coffee machines are for example

*4:- The French Press – Classic Coffee Maker.- Stovetop Moka Pot – Almost Espresso.- Spanish Coffee Collator – The Coffee Sock.
Brief summary:

In general, it can be said that a coffee machine can be a very expensive device regarding electricity costs. The higher the consumption and the higher the wattage, the more power is needed and the more expensive it becomes. However, it must also be said that there are coffee makers that do not use any electricity at all.

These devices are listed above and are really good for the environment. Sometimes it’s better to inform yourself before you buy a coffee machine since you can save a lot of money.

*1: https://www.firstchoicepower.com/the-light-lab/energy-education/how-much-energy-does-my-coffee-maker-use/

*2: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2011/10/27/141766341/the-price-of-electricity-in-your-state?t=1564512929032*

3: https://www.sparkenergy.com/en/blog/archive/appliance-electricity-usage-guide/

*4: https://www.talkaboutcoffee.com/five-coffee-makers-that-use-no-electricity.html

7 Coffee Instagram Profiles to Follow

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Good morning Friday! Hello Fare Magazine – Issue 5: Glasgow. Fare is a food-focused travel magazine, exploring the depth of culture in a single city. In this issue, they seek to connect readers with their version of Glasgow, a lively city that wears its heart on its sleeve; a place that’s full of lush greens and lined with beautiful, bright sandstone tenements and Victorian edifices and a home to creatives of all types. Located just along Scotland’s rugged western shores, Glasgow is able to access the nation’s excellent natural larder, while also proving itself a hub to thoughtful vegan and vegetarian dining. Now available in our online shop (@coffeetablemags)! — #faremag #faremagazine #foodculture #foodscene #glasgowfood #glasgow #coffeetablemags #magazineshop #hamburg

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