Can Coffee Machines Make Hot Chocolate?

Overview Every product we buy was designed and tested for a very specific purpose. Following the instructions that come with the product will guarantee its efficient operation. When people make experiments with those products, they could break them and the guarantee might not apply. In the worst scenario, they could end up throwing them away […]

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Black Or White Coffee

Coffee-Drinking culture is rapidly spreading across the world. It’s started in Italy and spread to America and the rest of the world. Today, every hotel and restaurant establishment you come across as a coffee shop. Espresso is the most consumed coffee in the world. In fact, reports that more than 200,000 espresso and espresso-based […]

Electricity use of a coffee maker

Coffee makers and their real electricity consumption: A coffee maker does not consume much power. Right? A coffee maker is a fairly powerful home appliance. In the following, you will learn how much money you have to pay for electricity consumption per year. Example calculation of a usual coffee maker electricity consumption: Usually, coffee makers […]

7 Coffee Instagram Profiles to Follow

Coffee Cups of the World (@coffeecupsoftheworld) There is no denying that there is an art to coffee cup branding, and Coffee Cups of the World is devoted to showcasing it. View this post on Instagram Inoka Cafe, Tokyo. 🇯🇵 submission @des_coffee #coffeecupsoftheworld A post shared by Coffee Cups of the World (@coffeecupsoftheworld) on Jul 7, […]

How do you get fresh coffee stains out of clothes?

It can happen to anyone. You were drinking coffee at work or having breakfast, and somehow you managed to spill it all over your shirt. Not to worry, there are many ways to remove coffee stains from your favourite piece of clothing. You could say that coffee stains go into two categories, meaning fresh coffee […]