How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?

If you are a coffee lover, you need to learn about how many calories in a cup of coffee. Different types of coffee drinks usually have their own calories. This calculation is very useful to help you maintain a healthy diet by counting the calories in your cup of coffee.
Some people also add some additional ingredients, for example, sugar, milk, ice, water, and other ingredients. These additional items can also increase the total calories on your cup of coffee. This article will share some popular types of coffee drinks and calories.

1. Regular black coffee

This is the basic type of coffee that you can find in most coffee shops. There is no additional cream or sugar inside this regular black coffee. This product usually has about 2 calories in an 8-ounce cup. It is very suitable for you who want to limit your calorie intake every day.

2. Iced coffee

Some restaurants or coffee shops offer iced coffee for their customers. Before you drink this beverage, you need to calculate the total calories inside this product. It has about 25 calories in a cup before you decide to add some additional sugar or creamer.

3. Cafe Latte

This is another popular variation of coffee beverage. There are many people who love drinking this product. You need to combine a shot of espresso and also two parts of frothed milk, in order to make this cafe latte. A latte is going to have about 120 calories with regular milk. If you want to have fewer calories, you can consider using skim milk.

4. Cappuccino

This delicious beverage is very well-known among many coffee lovers these days. This product consists of a shot of espresso, froth, and also milk. It is very delicious to drink this beverage every day. However, this beverage has higher calories than any other popular coffee beverages. It has about 110 calories in a cup of cappuccino.

5. Frappuccino

It can be a refreshing drink in the summer season. You will be able to enjoy your favourite Frappuccino in any coffee shops around the world. Regular Frappuccino usually contains about 170 calories. This calorie number is going to rise dramatically, especially after you add chocolate to the beverage.

6. Flat white coffee

This is another type of coffee that is popular among many coffee lovers. This beverage can be made by combining a shot of espresso and steamed milk. It is suitable for you who want to drink low-calorie coffee with great taste and flavour. This flat white coffee usually has about 120 calories in every cup.

Although some coffee beverages contain calories, you can get a lot of benefits from this beverage. Coffee can offer a lot of health benefits for all people. There are many other nutrients that can be found in coffee other than calorie.

This beverage is believed to be very effective in protecting your liver, increasing the fibre intake, and also lowering the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. If you want to have a slim and healthy body, you also need to consider drinking low-calorie coffee every day.

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Can you drink coffee during your pregnancy?

Can you drink coffee while pregnant?

Generally, it is allowed to drink coffee during your pregnancy, however, there are limitations. Drinking large amounts of coffee or other caffeinated drinks can increase the chance of miscarriage, especially during the first 3 months. 

In most of the studies, having more than recommended daily intake of coffee (under 300 mg), the excess has proven harmful, sometimes doubling the chances for miscarriage. However, another large study found no connection with any pregnancy complications, if the daily dosage of coffee was under 300 mg in caffeine. 

How much is safe to drink?

Drinking excess coffee can contribute to many problems, including lower birth weight. That’s why a lot of practitioners advise women to have less than 200mg in caffeine a day. That is about 10-12 ounces (around 3 deciliters) of light brewed coffee or 5-12 ounces of soda. If we transfer that into size, it’s a larger cup of light coffee, which you can divide into two or three portions. 

Follow your body needs

The symptoms during your pregnancy will show you if your body is pleased with coffee or not. If coffee during pregnancy gives you anxiety, shakiness or high blood pressure, those are the indicators that you should probably minimize or quit coffee for the time being. If you feel good drinking coffee and you have no problems or negative side effects, enjoy your cup, just make sure its under 200-300 mg of caffeine a day (depending on how you feel). 

According to several testimonies of pregnant women, some of them despite their love for coffee did not fell any need to have coffee, or it even made them sick in their first 3 months. The best you can do is listen to your body and stay under the recommended intake. 

Different types of coffee

Keep in mind that different types of coffee might have very different amounts of caffeine. Bar brewed coffee or cold coffee beverages from the supermarket can have larger amounts of caffeine. If you want to fully control your caffeine intake, it’s better to make coffee yourself. It’s good also to make less and mix it with milk or cream, to minimize that daily caffeine intake. Stay away from energy drinks and other potentially dangerous beverages. 

Chicories and liquorice coffee substitutes might be healthy for you if you are not pregnant, but you should avoid them in your pregnancy. As they can prove dangerous in large amounts too. 

Replacing your coffee with tea is a good idea. If you still want your daily boost in caffeine you can enjoy black tea (keep it under the limit in caffeine), or other herbal teas like green tea, peppermint leaf, lemon balm and some other herbal teas.


Most health experts and birth practitioners agree that it’s safe to have coffee if you stay under 200 mg of caffeine a day. 
In cups, that is 1-2 cups of coffee (250-500 ml) or 2-4 cups of teas with caffeine (black tea, yerba mate..). 
Make sure you drink enough water during your pregnancy, milk and freshly squeezed juices are a good option too. 


How to Make Coffee Easily

How to Make Coffee With Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages these days. There are many people who love drinking coffee every day. This article is going to share some useful tips about how to make coffee easily.
You will learn about how to make it with a coffee maker and also how to make a it without a coffee maker. It can give you flexibility, so you can still make your favourite coffee anytime you want.

How to Make Coffee With a Maker

A coffee maker is an important device that you should have in your home. This unit is very useful to help you make your favourite coffee quickly. Different units may have their own brewing procedures. You still need to read the manual instructions before you start using your coffee maker.

1. Fill the reservoir with filtered water

This is the first step that you have to do. The amount of water depends on how many cups of coffee you want to make. Generally speaking, one cup of coffee usually requires about 180 ml of filtered water.

2. Use the paper filter to the holder

The paper filter is very useful to trap all unwanted leftovers from your coffee. Most filters are usually shaped like a cup or envelope. You have to select the best filter that is suitable for your coffee maker unit. If your coffee maker has mesh filter, you don’t need to use an additional filter.

3. Add your favourite coffee grounds to the filter

It is recommended for you to measure the amount of coffee ground for your coffee maker. In most cases, you may need about 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for every cup of coffee. You can choose whether you are using medium, fine, or coarse coffee ground.

4. Brew your coffee

After you are done with the preparation process, you only need to press the brewing button. You can simply turn on your coffee maker. This content is going to make your coffee automatically. The whole process usually takes about 5 minutes.

How to Make Morning Joe Without Coffee Maker

When you have a power outage in your home or office, you can still make your favourite coffee easily. It is highly recommended for you to learn about how you can make coffee without a good coffee maker.

1. Use saucepan

First, you can use a saucepan for preparing your drink. You only need to pour the water into your saucepan. Don’t forget to add a coffee ground to the water. Set your burner to a medium or high setting until your coffee is boiled. Make sure that you stir your coffee regularly, in order to avoid burning your coffee.

2. Use Coffee bag method

If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare your drink, you can consider using this method. You only need to prepare a coffee filter, coffee ground, and also mug. Your coffee ground can be poured into the filter. Put this bag of coffee into your mug. You can pour hot water to your mug. Your coffee will be ready in about 5-10 minutes.

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